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    Computer controlled laser cutting offers flexibility and perfection!

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    Laser Cutting
  • Lure Bibs

    Laserworx Queensland cuts the vast majority of Australian made lure bibs, we stock 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm polycarbonate, sample test cuts are supplied for swimming prior to production.

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    Lure Bibs
  • Premises

    Laserworx Queensland based on the Sunshine Coast has state of the art facilities, shipping Qld wide leaves on couriers, truck and rail freight daily.

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  • Latest Technology

    Laserworx Queensland has multiple machines covering all your needs from heavy metal, stainless through to timber and acrylic. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

    Latest Technology in Laser Cutting
  • House Signs

    Laserworx Queensland can help you with your front fence numbers, fascia plaques or alternatively put you in touch with the best local sign writer for your requirements. Contact us now to see how we can benefit you.

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    House Signs Laser Cutting
  • Tenders

    From the smallest job to the largest tender. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

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7 Advantages of Laser Cut House Numbers

We at Laserworx believe that laser cut house numbers are the best bet for a homeowner, regardless of the design, size and shape of house numbers that he/she is planning to install in their home. There are multiple advantages on going for laser technology such as:

  1. Accuracy and promptness are two great grounds where no other printing technique can beat laser cutting. You can expect your laser cut house numbers within few hours after the design is prepared.
  2. Though machinery is slightly expensive, the requirement of raw materials is very limited and this is why laser cutting companies can offer great discounts to their customers.
  3. Designs that were otherwise thought to be impossible to cut can be effectively cut with laser cutting and this is something that attracts thousands of business owners and individual customers to laser cutting.
  4. It’s possible to make necessary design changes at different parts of the production and there won't be too many costly charges associated with it.
  5. Laser cut house numbers last longer than traditional numbers as they are of higher quality and attractive minimal maintenance.
  6. Since modern laser cutting technology allow different designs to be cut from same sheet, multi layered patterns can be effectively created!
  7. Holes and slots can be created very easily and the complexity will not reach the customer at any stage.

These are the 7 great advantages of choosing laser cut house numbers. However, the best thing about laser cutting is the fact that the combination of all these advantages will result in cheaper operational costs and a minimum labor. This is why Laserworx has one of the cheapest rates throughout Australia without ever compromising on quality. This is always a reason for you to go for laser cut house numbers.

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