• Laser Cutting

    Computer controlled laser cutting offers flexibility and perfection!

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    Laser Cutting
  • Lure Bibs

    Laserworx Queensland cuts the vast majority of Australian made lure bibs, we stock 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm polycarbonate, sample test cuts are supplied for swimming prior to production.

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    Lure Bibs
  • Premises

    Laserworx Queensland based on the Sunshine Coast has state of the art facilities, shipping Qld wide leaves on couriers, truck and rail freight daily.

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  • Latest Technology

    Laserworx Queensland has multiple machines covering all your needs from heavy metal, stainless through to timber and acrylic. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

    Latest Technology in Laser Cutting
  • House Signs

    Laserworx Queensland can help you with your front fence numbers, fascia plaques or alternatively put you in touch with the best local sign writer for your requirements. Contact us now to see how we can benefit you.

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    House Signs Laser Cutting
  • Tenders

    From the smallest job to the largest tender. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

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Laser Cutting Noosa

To undertake your entire laser cutting Noosa services, we at Laserworx is the most ideal place. We established our business around a decade back but this is not the only reason for you to choose our products. It's not uncommon for us to encounter customers who have difficulty in bringing life to their concepts and this is why Laserworx has a dedicated CAD department and our workers at CAD department can help you to bring life to all your concepts.

Basically, our services are not just restricted to laser cutting but we also undertake every related tasks as well, which ensures our customers superior peace of mind. We have one of the best storage facilities in Noosa to make sure that all materials are stored professionally and once the work is done, our quality check team will make sure of the accuracy of your product and then it will be moved to the packing department. The packing department will pack and ship the product to your mailing address!

We believe that you have to choose Laserworx not only because we are the best laser cutting Noosa Company but we also have some of the finest laser cutting machines in the industry. Laser cutting brings maximum perfection to all your work because your design will be processed by the computer system and will be cut into sheets. The whole procedure is very identical to that of the laser printer except that laser cutters are large machines that can carry out tasks that are very challenging.

If you are on the lookout for a high quality service provider who not only undertake all your cutting jobs but also make sure that the products will be reaching your mailing address with maximum security, Laserworx is the best place for you to deal with!


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