• Laser Cutting

    Computer controlled laser cutting offers flexibility and perfection!

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    Laser Cutting
  • Lure Bibs

    Laserworx Queensland cuts the vast majority of Australian made lure bibs, we stock 1mm, 1.5mm & 2mm polycarbonate, sample test cuts are supplied for swimming prior to production.

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    Lure Bibs
  • Premises

    Laserworx Queensland based on the Sunshine Coast has state of the art facilities, shipping Qld wide leaves on couriers, truck and rail freight daily.

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  • Latest Technology

    Laserworx Queensland has multiple machines covering all your needs from heavy metal, stainless through to timber and acrylic. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

    Latest Technology in Laser Cutting
  • House Signs

    Laserworx Queensland can help you with your front fence numbers, fascia plaques or alternatively put you in touch with the best local sign writer for your requirements. Contact us now to see how we can benefit you.

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    House Signs Laser Cutting
  • Tenders

    From the smallest job to the largest tender. Contact us now to see how we can help your manufacturing requirements.

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Laser Cut Steel Sunshine Coast

If you ask us the best material to create your laser cut, we will suggest you to go for laser cut steel. Steel is just one of those materials that are available in the industry but you can literally find several types of materials on which you can perform a laser cutting job. One of the greatest advantages of laser cut steel jobs is the durability but you can classify them into three in general:

  1. Durability – We’ve been undertaking laser cutting jobs for over 10 years now and throughout our career, we have come across different types of assignments that are of different volumes and material requirements. Today, we believe that laser cut steel jobs last much longer than anything else and this is a reason for us to recommend the same.
  2. Steel laser cutting is one of the most cost-effective cutting methods in the industry because laser machines can undertake cutting jobs in record time. There is a minimum requirement of manpower and once the design is uploaded to the machine, there is nothing much to do because the machine will take care of the rest!
  3. Laser cutting ensures that the metal will be cut much more cleaner and even surface also ensures lesser rust and higher finish. This is also the reason for many people to consider steel laser cutting over any other cutting techniques.

We believe that laser cut steel signs can last for a long time, provided that you're choosing a high quality steel sheet in the first place. Since your investment will last for such a long time with maximum quality, you never will have to worry about changing them unexpectedly and only exception is when you make up your mind on a new design!

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